The word “cephitology” was coined by Dr. Michael J. Bisconti.  Here is the etymological process behind the word “cephitology”:

  1.  First, we translated “how to always do the right thing” from English to Latin.  This gave us “ut ius illud facio semper.”
  2. Next, we translated “how to always make the right decision.”  This gave us “quam semper facere ius arbitrium.”
  3. Next, we translated “always make the right choice.”  This gave us “semper facere ius arbitrium.”
  4. Next, we translated “always make right choice.”  This also gave us “semper facere ius arbitrium.”
  5. Having established a Latin foundation for the word “cephitology,” we broke down the words “semper facere ius arbitrium” into two parts – “semper facere” and “ius arbitrium.”
  6. We then extracted “sef” from the words “semper facere” and “itrium” from the words “ius arbitrium.”
  7. Then, we combined “sef” and “itrium” to form “sefitrium.”
  8. Then, we simplified “sefitrium” to “sefit.”
  9. As we approached the final two steps of our etymological process, we added the standard “-ology” suffix to form the intermediate term “sefitology.”
  10. We next replaced “f” with the more formal “ph” to form the intermediate term “sephitology.”
  11. Finally, we replaced the letter “s” with the more formal letter “c” to form our term “cephitology.”